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Recipes for Pie and Art Lovers


What is your favorite pie?

On my journey from conception to pie-themed cookbook, I have asked that question a thousand times! My contemplation has led me to an answer - I only like two kinds of pie: hot or cold!

Seriously, though... old fashioned pies, like gooseberry, rhubarb, cherry, chocolate, apple and blueberry usually win the popularity contest. Sharing memories of favorite pies always follows with a story about a family member who was the 'pie baker' in their family... usually Mom or Grandma.

Those precious stories are a true joy, discovered along life's way. They bring to our hearts wonderful, warm cozy memories of HOME and MOM. Suddenly we are transported back to a simpler time when friends and families joined around a big table to spend time together at holiday gatherings and other special occasions.

I am blessed to come from a family of 'pie bakers', going back 3 generations to the 1890's! My great grandmothers, Jessie and Annie hailed from southern Missouri, a place known for excellent pies. They passed their recipes on to my Grandma June, who passed it on to my mother, Linda, who then passed it on to me! All of these hard working ladies fiercely loved their families and passed that love on through our family's simple recipe for cream pies.

Pie as Art, (Volume 1) hearkens back to those simpler times, with accessible recipes shared from friends and family. There are also recipes from age-old cookbooks long out of print.   This is a truly unique book where the baker is also the photographer, writer and illustrator.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy getting to know Laura Rene Baker, the Pie Baker Lady, on the following pages. It is made with love just for YOU.

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