One of my favorite lines from a musical, The Sound of Music, is 'These are a few of my favorite things'. The children are all scared by a loud thunder storm and pile into Maria's room for her mothering comfort. They all brainstorm about things that make them happy like Apple Strudel, whiskers on kittens, etc.

I have compiled below a list of my favorite things, related to making pies! I hope you will read on and discover a new pie making tool that makes your pies a little more predictable when putting them together for your loved ones. Feel free to 'whistle a happy tune' while reading...

I guess it would be good to start out with my favorite pie pans. I have tried all sorts and keep coming back to the same ones for a consistently cooked bottom crust (nothing worse than a mushy, uncooked bottom crust!)

Pie pans made out of ceramic are the clear winners for me. My favorite pan and the one I reach for most often is made in Burgundy, France. An Emile Henry 9-inch, ceramic, deep-dish pan is a superior and old stand by for many pie bakers. Keep in mind that all recipes will not have enough filling for a deep-dish pie, since they are deceivingly larger. Especially, when regarding a fruit pie recipe, you will need 6 cups of fruit to properly fill a deep-dish. If you try to use it for a 4 cup fruit recipe, the outside crust edge will be too tall and your presentation on the plate will suffer as the back crust topples over from the weight of being too heavy & tall.

The red dish above is the Emile Henry deep-dish, purchased at Williams Sonoma. The patterned dish is a regular sized 9-inch ceramic dish with adorable decorations purchased in the home section at TJ Maxx. The pie server is one I purchased from a flea market in the mountain town of Dillard, GA. With the sharp edge serving as the cutter, you do not need a separate knife to slice the pie.

Find following a couple of photo examples of slices of pie, so you can compare a deep-dish with a regular 9-inch dish. For future reference, I like a deep-dish pan for a 6 cup fruit pie recipe, a pie with a meringue or a whipped cream topping, and a crumble top. Additionally, if you don't want to leak all over the oven, a quiche is safest in a deep-dish pan, as well.

Lemon Meringue Pie baked in a deep-dish pie pan

A regular 9-inch pie dish is perfect for those Thanksgiving favorites, Pecan pie, Pumpkin Pie and any fruit pie that lists 4 cups of fruit in the recipe. See below...

Pecan Pie baked in a regular 9-inch ceramic pie dish

A funny story about my favorite rolling pin is that we go Wayyyy back! When I took a wood workshop at Kansas State in the mid-80's, I really got into working on the lathe. We had a dizzying array of wood varietals stored in a shed attached to the wood working class. I picked out about 5 different species of wood and made all of them into candlesticks. During that process I found out that I was super allergic to a wood imported from Africa called Bubinga. I loved the purplish color (being a good K-stater), but my allergies could not handle that one. I chose a more domestic wood species, Hickory, for my next project, which was a rolling pin. I loved the idea of making practical items that I could use the rest of my life.

I didn't have lots of time to work on making pies during my studies in the Architectural School at KSU, but I loved the idea of baking lots of them after I graduated. In high school, I was baking for our family all the time!

After shaping the hickory wood on the lathe into the rolling pin, it was sanded to death and then treated with a tung oil. Since hickory wood has very large open grains, I wanted to make sure the wood patterns didn't show up when rolling out a pastry. And, it was a success.

Here is a picture of my hand-made rolling pin created in wood shop class at Kansas State University around 1986. This rolling pin has been used on countless pie crusts and zillions of sugar cookies since then! I always hand wash the rolling pin and it has stayed in perfect condition for 30 years!

Other bakers prefer marble rolling pins. Marble stays cool, which is perfect for pastry and it has a little more weight to it, so rolling becomes effortless. I do feel like you can accidentally roll the pastry out too thin with a marble pin. My old standby wood pin has a lot more control on the thickness of the pastry or cookie dough.

Speaking of marble, I received a marble slab from Williams Sonoma a couple of years back for a Christmas present and it has really improved the rolling experience.

I highly recommend this pie tool for beautiful pastry, especially if you are going to do cut-outs, braid the pastry or do anything else special to your top pie crust. See below for a pie crust rolled out on the marble slab.

Of course if you have a Corian, Granite or other hard surface kitchen counter, it will behave in the same way as the marble slab. It is a game-changer for me because I bake in a kitchen with laminate countertops.

A pastry blender is an essential tool for combining your fat, salt & flour for a proper pie crust. Pick one that feels good in your hand. This is one from Good Grips.

The fluted pastry cutter has multiple uses for pie makers. It can make beautiful wavy edges on a lattice top pie. A simple little touch like that makes for a real show-stopping pie. But, I also have used the circle shape as a stamp around the edge of a pie or all over the pie crust top (see Apple Pie illustration below).

My husband (egged-on by my friend, Mel) gave me this super micro-plane zester for a Mother's Day gift one year. Everyone should have one of these tools in their kitchen! I consider it a pie tool, because I like to add lime zest to my Key Lime Pie and the Lemon Tart also uses plenty of zest. This tool will save you lots of time and is a toss into the dishwasher item, too!

This photo shows a Blueberry Pie under construction, using the fluted pastry cutter.

This Apple Pie illustration shows stamping with the fluted pastry cutter on the upper crust

As you branch out with your decoration on pie crusts (and I sincerely hope that you will), the opportunity comes up to personalize your pies for special people, spelling out their name on the top crust. Or even just a word expressing your current feeling... like we had some of our favorite people over for a dinner party and I made a large 3 berry cobbler with a top crust. Serving as my vents for the big pie was the single word, FRIENDS.

I have started collecting cut-outs to use with my pies and have found these two tins at a garage sale. I've also used pie crust cut-outs laid out directly on top of the filling to make for a fun, custom pie. The heart shapes cross-over uses into our batches of sugar cookies around valentine's Day or look great on a Valentine's Day Pie, using the heart openings as vents.

It seems that individual pies have become a new favorite for entertaining. The cool part is that each person gets their own pie. Also, for those crust lovers out there... you get extra crust in this mini pie. This is a new pie pan for me that I got from a Pampered Chef party. I just adore it... and plan to whip up lots of mini-pies in the near future. I have done some mini apple pies, see below. Why do miniature things look so adorable?

Who knew there were so many Pie tools? I guess you ask a Pie Baker Lady (pie-nerd) and you will get an avalanche of kitchen gadgets related to baking a pie. Keep reading for more great ideas!

For partially-baking or pre-baking a pie crust, you will need some type of weight to put on top of the crust once it is inside the pie dish. There are a number of ways to do this method.

There are pie-weights (not shown) where you line the pastry with aluminum foil and then add the weights to keep the crust flat. I opt for not purchasing another kitchen implement (super small kitchen) and I use the same concept, but with beans or lentils, which are already in my pantry.

My favorite option by far are the silicone pie weights. They look cool, too... kind of like flowers. The inside is a non-stick metal with perforations that allow for even baking. The flower-like red edges are silicone edge flaps. Each one shown, one from Williams Sonoma and one is a Cuisinart brand has a handle or knob in the center to easily lift the pie weight out when it is finished pre-baking. That is lots easier than dealing with a pie pan full of beans or little pea sized pie weights.

The last wooden object shown is used for evenly distributing the pie crust into the pie dish right after it is laid into the pan, especially in the corners. I find this tool indispensable when making the mini pies. Not sure how you would do it without this tool.

A common problem with beginner pie-bakers is getting the outside edges too browned or burnt. This mistake can easily be avoided by using a variety of pie crust edge protectors.

My favorite and the most accessible method is aluminum foil. I like to make a 2-3-inch foil edge that tents over the outside edges of the pie crust to protect it from browning too fast!

Other methods include an aluminum pie crust shield or a silicone pie shield. They perform in a similar manner, although the silicone edge is long and awkward and if not very careful can be dredged through the top of the pie when removed. I find the aluminum one to be good in a pinch, but tends to make a browner edge than I prefer.

Here is what the silicone pie edge looks like.

It is adjustable, which is handy.

However you bake your pies, remember to surround yourself with all the fun tools of the trade. Thanksgiving being right around the corner gives you a good excuse to hit your favorite kitchen gadget store and stock up on the best pie tools, so your pies will be perfect for your guests.

And don't forget, my cookbooks are available at my website. Order yours today to get in time for Thanksgiving!

Remember that life is what you bake of it!

Pie love you,

The Pie Baker Lady

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I am feeling just like a proud Mama, watching her creations grow and make the world a much happier and a more delicious place. I have loved watching the Pie-revolution take off after the release of PIE AS ART, volume 1! My Pie fans are the BEST, most supportive people in the world! And, why shouldn't they be? Pie makes the world a happier place!!

It has been a real struggle to select a Winner for the contest, but there is one lovely lady that says, competition brings out the best in her, and she did not disappoint! She baked 3 pies out of the cookbook and her presentation was gorgeous, plus they were posed with the cookbook illustrations. See below for the 3 creations from Amy Chinnery-Valmassei, a great friend from childhood days.

A gorgeous Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake on the left snuggled up to a Peach Pan Pie cooked in a cast iron skillet. Both are beautifully crafted and look so delicious!

A Tomato, Goat Cheese and Thyme Galette baked on a pizza stone makes a beautiful presentation and was a fun way for Amy's family to use up home grown tomatoes during their peak season!

I am sure that you all agree that Amy is a successful, seasoned baker and has a lot of fun in the kitchen. I am very happy to present her with a FREE Pie as Art cookbook, autographed, as an award for her beautiful pie entries! Congratulations, Amy!

Now, I am sure that you are all curious about some of the runner's up...

A fellow pie contest judge, Curt Goodwin, resides in the central part of Kansas and is a Classic Auto Restoration Specialist, teaching at McPherson College. But, the thing is, he makes a great looking pie, and is quite prolific in the kitchen! Curt comes in at number two. I received 3 different fruit pie entries from him. See below for his beautiful pies. He's got that woven lattice top technique down!

A lovely Rhubarb Pie that is filled with rhubarb from the Goodwin's backyard garden! Rhubarb is definitely one of my favorite pies!

A perfect-looking Peach Pie with a pretty lattice top. Curt said he used Colorado peaches, which we don't see a lot of in Kansas City. I would love a chance to try them some time!

Curt shows his prowess in the kitchen, baking 2 Apple Pies, with a cut-out leaf decoration on the top crusts around the steam vents. And, looking at this picture, Apple Pie appears to be a good accompaniment to a glass of red wine!

Another runner-up goes to my sister, Lisa Hill, who bakes a mean pie, herself. Guess it runs in the genes. A resident of North Carolina, she is spreading the pie love in that part of the country. I sure hope it takes off! See her beautiful Crab Quiche entry below. She said she made it a little larger for her family by adding more crab meat, cheese and an extra egg to fill out a deep dish pan.

A lovely Crab Quiche with the illustrated pie and recipe behind.

Two of my Festival Singers friends created beautiful pies, posed with the new cookbook. First is Ross Kimbrough with the VERY FIRST pie baked out of the cookbook (besides me). Slide to see Jenni Lahasky's Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil Galette. It looks divine!

The beautiful entries into the contest just kept on coming! One of my Festival Singers sisters, Jill Holtkamp went all-out with the Peach Pan Pie! She used a glass pie pan, which worked just as well as a skillet and created this amazing collage of her pie assembly. Impressive!

White peaches make a pretty, sweet pie. I wish you could get decent peaches year round, not just in the summer-time, I love them so...

Speaking of peach pie... that yummy fruit seems to be a very accessible and popular pie filling during this pie contest! The next beauties were sent from a couple of different sorority sisters, one living in KC and one in Wichita. Both have lovely lattice tops that bear showing off. One of these days, I plan to do a little short video demonstrating the weaving lattice technique on my YouTube channel (stay tuned). My preference is to use a rotary cutter that scallops the edges and makes the pie look extra fancy!

On top is Jenny Reschke Magana's scrumptious looking Peach Pie coming in from Wichita, KS. It looks overloaded with peaches! Super yummy!

And below, another lovely Peach Pie from Michele Pease Schumacher from Leawood, KS looks so juicy and bubbling over with peach juices. My mouth is watering as I write this caption! Go Michele!

Last but not least...

One of my favorite stories from the release of the cookbook comes from my good friend, Bruce Casolari. He and his late wife, Debbie and I were chorus members together and we all became close friends over a good many years. Bruce and I chatted at each concert and he would always have a nice comment about my test bake pies, since he followed me closely on social media. Typically, the conversation ended with him offering to be a taste-tester, giving me a wink and a smile!

Bruce has been to all of my art shows and is quite a champion of pie and I love him for it!

The Casolari family is very close and he bought a PIE AS ART book for himself and one for each of his daughters to support me and my long accomplished goal. Many friends, like Bruce have been with me on the entire 11 year journey!

Celia and Faye work on assembling the top crust for a Very Berry Pie. I love this picture of the sisters working together in their Dad's kitchen. Bruce said he was performing some non-essential tasks in order to feel useful while the ladies did the 'real pie making'.

Faye Casolari Jackson, Bruce Casolari and Celia Casolari hold up their Very Berry Pie for the camera. It's a real beauty!

Their beautiful Very Berry Pie posed with the Pie as Art cookbook. The 3 spent the evening making a great dinner and reading the cookbook recipes out loud while drinking wine. Bruce said, "I never imagined that reading a cookbook together could be so much fun!"

Look at the beautiful deep purple filling in the Very Berry Pie... looks mouth-watering good, especially with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. Thanks for sending me a pic of your slice Casolari family!

There are so many other beautiful pies entered into this contest, but the ones listed above impressed me the most. Thanks to all the seasoned pie bakers and novices alike. I hope you all enjoyed your slices of pie heaven as much as I loved to see and hear about them.

Pie love you all! Till the next contest!


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Soon after the release of PIE AS ART on July 10, the photos and comments have started rolling in from experienced and beginner bakers trying out recipes in the book! I have been so pleased to see everyone enjoying getting their hands a little dirty in the kitchen and conquering their fears of making pie crust.

Maybe we can all make something positive about this crazy pandemic and throw ourselves into being creative in the kitchen! I cannot think of a better way to spend extra time than cooking for the ones I love. How about you?

So, I thought it might be a fun idea for PIE AS ART, volume 1, cookbook fans to offer up a little competition to see who can bake the most beautiful pie using a recipe from the Pie Baker Lady. The prize is a FREE autographed copy of the cookbook. The judging will be by yours truly (a seasoned pie contest judge).

So grab your new PIE AS ART book, gather some beautiful fresh ingredients and get baking! I cannot wait to see what you all come up with. This should be a fun distraction during the pandemic! Oh, and if you don't own a book yet, they are available through the STORE on the Pie Baker Lady website (wink, wink).

Here are a few of the early contenders...

Cruising in with an early lead.... Amy bakes two pies in one weekend! Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake and Peach Pan Pie. She also gets points for posing the cookbook with the pies! I am impressed!

Ross gets points for sending me the first pie baked out of the cookbook! He made a crab quiche and experimented with a gluten free crust... impressive!

Rhonda and Fred get points for a very pretty slice of blackberry pie topped with vanilla ice cream! Looks good enough to lick the computer screen! Ha... ha...

I wish all you pie competitors Good Luck on your baking adventures. Let's put a deadline of September 8 to send me your photos. Feel free to email to me at, text photos to my phone at (816) 914-8791 to enter the contest. Follow my Pie Baker Lady FaceBook page to see updates on contest entries.

Pie Love you!!!

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