And the WINNER is...

I am feeling just like a proud Mama, watching her creations grow and make the world a much happier and a more delicious place. I have loved watching the Pie-revolution take off after the release of PIE AS ART, volume 1! My Pie fans are the BEST, most supportive people in the world! And, why shouldn't they be? Pie makes the world a happier place!!

It has been a real struggle to select a Winner for the contest, but there is one lovely lady that says, competition brings out the best in her, and she did not disappoint! She baked 3 pies out of the cookbook and her presentation was gorgeous, plus they were posed with the cookbook illustrations. See below for the 3 creations from Amy Chinnery-Valmassei, a great friend from childhood days.

A gorgeous Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake on the left snuggled up to a Peach Pan Pie cooked in a cast iron skillet. Both are beautifully crafted and look so delicious!

A Tomato, Goat Cheese and Thyme Galette baked on a pizza stone makes a beautiful presentation and was a fun way for Amy's family to use up home grown tomatoes during their peak season!

I am sure that you all agree that Amy is a successful, seasoned baker and has a lot of fun in the kitchen. I am very happy to present her with a FREE Pie as Art cookbook, autographed, as an award for her beautiful pie entries! Congratulations, Amy!

Now, I am sure that you are all curious about some of the runner's up...

A fellow pie contest judge, Curt Goodwin, resides in the central part of Kansas and is a Classic Auto Restoration Specialist, teaching at McPherson College. But, the thing is, he makes a great looking pie, and is quite prolific in the kitchen! Curt comes in at number two. I received 3 different fruit pie entries from him. See below for his beautiful pies. He's got that woven lattice top technique down!

A lovely Rhubarb Pie that is filled with rhubarb from the Goodwin's backyard garden! Rhubarb is definitely one of my favorite pies!

A perfect-looking Peach Pie with a pretty lattice top. Curt said he used Colorado peaches, which we don't see a lot of in Kansas City. I would love a chance to try them some time!

Curt shows his prowess in the kitchen, baking 2 Apple Pies, with a cut-out leaf decoration on the top crusts around the steam vents. And, looking at this picture, Apple Pie appears to be a good accompaniment to a glass of red wine!

Another runner-up goes to my sister, Lisa Hill, who bakes a mean pie, herself. Guess it runs in the genes. A resident of North Carolina, she is spreading the pie love in that part of the country. I sure hope it takes off! See her beautiful Crab Quiche entry below. She said she made it a little larger for her family by adding more crab meat, cheese and an extra egg to fill out a deep dish pan.

A lovely Crab Quiche with the illustrated pie and recipe behind.

Two of my Festival Singers friends created beautiful pies, posed with the new cookbook. First is Ross Kimbrough with the VERY FIRST pie baked out of the cookbook (besides me). Slide to see Jenni Lahasky's Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil Galette. It looks divine!

The beautiful entries into the contest just kept on coming! One of my Festival Singers sisters, Jill Holtkamp went all-out with the Peach Pan Pie! She used a glass pie pan, which worked just as well as a skillet and created this amazing collage of her pie assembly. Impressive!