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The anatomy of a pie painting

When I ask people “What is your favorite pie?”, most will answer enthusiastically, “Apple Pie”! It is indeed a family favorite at our home, too.

Follow along from baked pie to illustrated pie to see all the steps that go into each painting...

First step is baking the apple pie! I like to try out out different crust designs on two crust fruit pies. This one uses my decorative roller as a stamp. It makes beautiful sunburst-like patterns.

While it is baking in the oven, and the room is filled with the heavenly scent of baked apple, browned butter and cinnamon, I gather the props for a photo shoot!

For all all of my photos of food, I like to use a certain amount of dramatic lighting. That style of lighting the subject with drama gives me the wide range of darks and light that inspires my painting style. It also really pops the color accents on the pie filling or the props, like china plates, silver forks or fabric.

This illustration of apple pie started as a drawing. It is created with a unique media called watercolor pencils. Firstly, the image is drawn on watercolor paper, then clear water is applied with a brush to blend the pigments.

You can see how the addition of water painting really pops the colors! Then I draw on top of the painting with prisma-color pencils to add more depth to shadows and highlights.

Voila! The final painting! Looks good enough to eat!

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